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wangpeng Sep 5

Maintenance of the wood floor, first of all must maintain the surface of the film, can not hurt its "appearance", however, because the wood surface of the paint different,outdoor handrails for lakeside steps board so maintenance methods are different.

Nitro wood varnish floor: the film is polished and polished, water resistance is poor, it should not be wiped with a damp cloth or water,wpc product market tendency development so as not to lose luster and from the shell. Specific methods: every six months or months, rub with polish wax, and then wipe with a pure cotton yarn can be. Usually in the course of the use of a soft towel or cotton yarn to erase the dust on the paint can be. As the nitro wood varnish heat resistance corrosion resistance is also poor, should also pay attention to anti-exposure, anti-smoke.

Paint and lacquer floor: these two kinds of paint are more advanced paint, and has good water resistance, high temperature performance,Teak Boat Decking for Sale and natural characteristics, and by the characteristics of shallow and shallow, after finishing can gradually restore the original background, During the use of low temperature can not be used to wipe the water often.

Polyurethane paint floor: the coated film has a strong resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance and acid resistance and other characteristics,cheap outdoor composite stairs deck the maintenance method and nitro wood varnish floor is basically similar, but should not be wiped with water to avoid wiping Surface lipids, while reducing the surface gloss.